Grandjean de Montigny mansion

Designed and built by architect, urban planner and head of the French Artistic Mission of 1816, Grandjean de Montigny, as his own residence, the villa is considered an icon of Brazilian neoclassical architecture and one of the most important examples of the adaptation of this architectural style to a tropical location.


Although situated on a plot of large proportions, the building consists of rather compact volumes. At ground level, the large basement is the basis for the two floors above and is cut by a monumental staircase, the main access to the residence. The neoclassical aspect of the design can be observed in various compositional elements such as the staircase itself, the portico of the secondary access and the cylindrical rooms located at the back of the building, as well as at the columns that support the large balconies surrounding the house, those inspired by the tradicional rural houses of the area.


Now located within the campus of the Catholic University of Rio (PUC-RJ), the villa currently is used as a cultural center and the university museum, hosting various exhibitions, cultural and artistic events.


Grandjean de Montigny

Project Birth Year/Construction Year

c. 1823 / c. 1823


Rua Marquês de São Vicente nº 225, Gávea

Info & Details





Zona Sul


+55 21 3527-1435
Visiting hours: Monday to Friday 10: 00am -17: 00pm

What you cannot miss

Main staircase, exhibitions

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Grandjean de Montigny mansion
Grandjean de Montigny
Zona Sul c. 1823

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