Society of Friends of the Alfândega Street adjacencies

The region that became known as SAARA (which stands for Society of Friends of the Alfândega Street adjacencies, but also adopted in reference to the Arab origin of the local traders) extends along the Alfândega, Senhor dos Passos and Buenos Aires streets, from Campo de Santana up to Uruguaiana Street.

There, amid every kind of article offered, one may notice some uniformity in the typology of buildings. Many of this collection of nineteenth-century buildings have undergone significant changes in its interior and on its facade at street level. The usual trio of openings at ground level gave way to one single bigger opening and the interior was completely changed in order to adapt to the interests of traders. On the second floor and at the top of the buildings, however, the ornaments of various styles were kept, such as moldings, medallions and cast iron railings.


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/ Século XIX


Rua da Alfândega – Centro

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Society of Friends of the Alfândega Street adjacencies


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