Ministro Viveiro de Castro Street

The Ministro Viveiros de Castro street hosts a number of buildings in Art Deco style, making up an outstanding set of examples of the style fairly frequent in the neighborhood, especially in the area adjacent to Lido square.


The four most prominent buildings are: the Tuyuty Building (at number 100, by Paulo Duvivier Technical Office, 1931), the Orion Building (at number 104, unidentified author, 1934), the America Building (at number 110, unidentified author, 1934) and the Alagoas Building (at number 122, by Angelo Bruhns, 1933).


In general, ornamentation is discreet and usual elements of Art Deco are used, such as staggering, crowning decoration, highlighted lines and dynamic volumes. The richest decoration is to be seen on the facade of the America Building, while front verandas at Alagoas Building refers to the shape of a ship prow.



Project Birth Year/Construction Year

1930-1935 / 1930-1935


Rua Ministro Viveiros de Castro nº100 a 122, Copacabana

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Zona SUl


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Ministro Viveiro de Castro Street
Zona SUl 1930-1935

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