Guinle Park

The original design for the residential complex consisted of six apartment blocks, arranged on the perimeter of the plot, three of which were built: New Cintra, Bristol and Caledonia. In these buildings the modernist principles as pilotis, free facade and the use of brise soleil mingle with the local culture by inserting elements as cobogós (hollow ceramic bricks) and wooden trusses.

To preserve as much of the design of the existing park, conceived in 1916 by the French landscape Gerard Cochet as garden of the residence of the Guinle family, two of the three buildings (Bristol and Caledonia) were implanted unfavorably facing west. To take advantage of the view without compromising the environmental comfort of these apartments, the architect created balconies protected by different shading elements, such as blinds, vertical louvers, trellises and cobogós, resulting in a rich plastic composition.

In the building Nova Cintra, with access from the street Gago Coutinho, the ground piles were utilized for commercial use, taking advantage of its direct relationship with the street. In the other two buildings, the modernist ideal of free ground floors with pilotis was followed to the letter and the spaces occupied in the access level correspond only to the vertical circulations (lifts and stairs).

In a second step, three other buildings were built in the upper part of the park. Designed by brothers Roberto, these buildings, however, did not follow the original plan of Lucio Costa.


Lucio Costa

Project Birth Year/Construction Year

1948 / 1948-1954


Rua Gago Coutinho n°66, Laranjeiras

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Gerard Cochet (Paisagismo - 1916)




Zona Sul


Restricted Access

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Glassed staircase, Facade panels

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Guinle Park
Lucio Costa
Zona Sul 1948

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