Largo do Boticário

Once achieving this small square, on the high end of Cosme Velho street and near the tunnel Rebouças, one gets the feeling of entering an oasis of tranquility, oblivious to the dynamics of the busy neighborhood.

The houses in neoclassical style date from the early twentieth century, one of them having been designed by Lúcio Costa, back then a young architect in his early career. Some of the ornaments seen in these houses are actually reused parts of buildings from the colonial period, which were being demolished in the city center.

The external pavement of irregular stones, together with the small podium in the center of the square and the cast-iron lamps contribute to the nostalgic character of the public space.


Lucio Costa, Gregori Warchavchik, entre outros

Project Birth Year/Construction Year

/ Início do século XX


Rua Fernando Ferrari 61 - Botafogo

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Zona Sul


Private property

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Volumetric assembly, inside the apartments.

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Largo do Boticário
Lucio Costa, Gregori Warchavchik, entre outros
Zona Sul

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