South America Hospital | Lagoa Hospital

The main feature of this building are the V-shaped pillars, created by the architect and unprecedented in Brazilian and world architecture. Thanks to the pillars the free space at ground level is expanded, combining every couple of pillars into one and allowing a bigger span between supports.


Deployed in the center of the plot, the building is surrounded by a garden square. The design has originally conceived three volumes: the main block, the vertical circulation and a curved block. The emsemble was listed by INEPAC (State Institute of Cultural Heritage) in 1992.


Resting on the V-shaped pillars is the main volume comprising ten floors. According to the solar orientation, the facade facing the lake is glazed, along which the rooms and wards are located. On the opposite façade, with aluminum brise soleil and ceramic cobogós, the service area was positioned. The side walls are completelly closed, complementing the volume.


Oscar Niemeyer e Hélio Uchoa

Project Birth Year/Construction Year

1952 / 1952-1959


Rua Jardim Botânico 501, Jardim Botânico

Info & Details


Athos Bulcão (mural externo) e Roberto Burle Marx (jardins)



Zona Sul


(21) 3111-5259
(21) 3111-5259

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South America Hospital | Lagoa Hospital
Oscar Niemeyer e Hélio Uchoa
Zona Sul 1952

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