Copacabana Fort

Located between two geographic landmarks, Copacabana and Arpoador, the promontory that once housed the little church of Our Lady of Copacabana was seen as a strategic point to reinforce the defense at Guanabara Bay. The fortress was the stage of several historical and military episodes until 1987, when it ceased having military function and has since then housed the Army Museum.


At the tip of the promontory the fortress was built like a miniature medieval castle, mimicking the rock and interfering as little as possible on the landscape. The bunker has four domes for cannon shooting, now disabled. The concrete wall thickness goes up to 12,00m.


Besides the fort, the area also is occupied by other buildings, that currently are used by cafes, shops, exhibition rooms and the museum.


Major Tasso Fragoso

Project Birth Year/Construction Year

1902-1904 / 1908-1914


Praça Coronel Eugenio Franco nº1 – Posto 6, Copacabana

Info & Details




Zona Sul


+55 21 2521-1032
Army Historical Museum:
Tuesday to Sunday 10:00am-18:00pm
Outside, cafes and shops:
Tuesday to Sunday 10:00am-19:30pm

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Copacabana Fort
Major Tasso Fragoso
Zona Sul 1902-1904

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