UFRJ Rectory building

Designed to host the former National School of Architecture, the building is part of the initial urban plan for the University City (Cidade Universitária) on Fundão Island. It was awarded during the IV Biennale in São Paulo 1957 and it is occupied by not only undergraduate and graduate programs of the Architecture Faculty but also by the deanery, the School of Fine Arts and by the IPPUR (Institute for Research and Urban Planning). The incorporation of new uses modified the original proposal, resulting in the spatial compression of these institutions.


Like other buildings of the campus, it was conceived as a single object amid a continuous park. The vertical block of six floors built on stilts creates a large open space on the ground floor responsible for the transition between inside and outside. Originally, it would house workshops – to ten students each – and theoretical classes, each of the floors was intended for one of the five years of graduation and the last one to post-graduate studies. This block is crossed by another horizontal volume, housing administration, library, auditorium, museum and practical training. A third block, never built, would be a museum for compared architecture.


The building layout is rectangular and divided into sectors, with large hallways and a central core for the elevators. It was designed according to multiplied measures, from the size of the ceramics (15x30cm) to the frames and the structure rhythm. The facades vary according to solar orientation, with horizontal brise-soleil on the north side and French balconies on the south face. On the ground level, garden areas occupy the spaces between the volumes and the large mezzanine is the only curved element of the emsemble. The project was originally intended to house 1,000 students – about one-fifth of today’s amount.


Jorge Machado Moreira

Project Birth Year/Construction Year

1957 / 1961 (inauguração)


Av. Pedro Calmon nº550, Cidade Universitária

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ETUB – Escritório Técnico da Universidade do Brasil e Roberto Burle Marx (jardins e painel externo)



Zone Norte


(21) 2598-1635
Visiting: Monday to Friday 7:30h-17:00h

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UFRJ Rectory building
Jorge Machado Moreira
Zone Norte 1957

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