Julio de Barros Barreto Building

For those who pass toward the street Pinheiro Machado, this building consisting of two blocks draws attention especially by the proportion of the facade modules: with double height, each module corresponds to a residential unit, showing a major feature of this project.

The apartments are divided in two levels, with the intimate area upstairs and the social area and service rooms at the lower level. The access to units happens along the rear facade through intermediate levels, alternating social and service circulations in order to isolate the fluxes.

The two blocks are connected by walkways to a third volume, which houses the elevators and the fire escape. The arrangement of the two blocks in the plot, creating an obtuse angle, seeks to accommodate the building to the rough terrain, and at the same time to direct the view from the apartments to the Botafogo Bay.


MMM Roberto

Project Birth Year/Construction Year

1947 /


Rua Fernando Ferrari 61 - Botafogo

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Zona Sul


Private property

What you cannot miss

Volumetric assembly, inside the apartments.

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Julio de Barros Barreto Building
MMM Roberto
Zona Sul 1947

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