Biarritz Building

Amid the existing wall of buildings along the Flamengo Beach, Biarritz stands out for its aristocratic character and French accent. In fact, the project is attributed to the French architect Henri Paul Pierre Sajous, who lived in Brazil between 1931 and 1959 and is also the author of the Mesbla Building (currently Lojas Americanas) at Rua do Passeio, in the Center.


In art-deco style, the main facade consists of a regular grid of curved balconies and intercalating solid pillars, creating an interesting volume composition with marked vertical lines and a kind of texture that stands out by constrasting with the straight lines and modernist vocabulary of neighboring buildings.


In addition to the shape of the balconies, ornaments and friezes, steel window frames with golden details and the monumental entrance door, as well as the use of high quality materials are responsible for the sense of nobility that the building triggers.


Henri Sajous

Project Birth Year/Construction Year

1940 / 1945


Praia do Flamengo 268 – Flamengo

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Zona Sul


Private property

What you cannot miss

Monumental gateway, Facade with balconies

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Biarritz Building
Henri Sajous
Zona Sul 1940

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