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Implemented on an artificial island created from a landfill that unified nine smaller islands, the urban plan led by Jorge Machado Moreira for the University City (Cidade Universitária) follows the principles of modern urbanism (the same that guided the plan for Brasilia): isolated buildings situated in a large green space, connected by roads and pedestrian pathways.
In addition, the very location of the university plot detached from the traditional city center is based on the principle of urban functional zoning proposed by Le Corbusier, the French-Swiss architect pioneer in the dissemination of the modernist movement.

Of the twelve buildings designed by Machado Moreira, only five were executed: the Institute of Child Care, the Faculties of Architecture and Engineering, the Graphic Workshop and the University Hospital. The latter was never fully completed, and in 2010, had its incomplete part imploded because of structural reasons.

The use of stilts, facades protected by brise and the concern about the architectural promenade, seeking to create different spatial experiences along the way, are ideas of the modern movement that can be identified in the buildings designed by Jorge Machado Moreira for the University City.

Over the years the area of the University City has been occupied by other buildings, in general research centers. The latest addition houses the expansion of the Petrobras Research Center CENPES, designed by Siegbert Zanettini and José Wagner Garcia and winner of a contest held in 2004. Another contemporary addition is the cable-structured bridge designed by Alexandre Chan and inaugurated in 2012.



Jorge Machado Moreira e equipe

Project Birth Year/Construction Year

1936-1938 / 1949-1957


Ilha do Fundão

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Roberto Burle Marx (Paisagismo)




Zona Norte


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Institute of Child Care, Hall of Architecture Faculty of Access

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UFRJ University City | Fundão
Jorge Machado Moreira e equipe
Zona Norte 1936-1938

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