Cultural Center of the Federal Justice | CCJF

The eclectic building was originally designed to house the Archbishop’s Palace, being bought by the government to house the Supreme Court from 1909 to 1960. To suit this use, adaptations were made to the project: one more floor was added, as well as two symmetrical domes connected by an attic. Its final appearance references the Roman style of Renaissance catholic buildings.


With the transference of the capital to Brasilia, it took other justice related uses until 1995, when it started being adapted to be reopened to the public as a cultural center in 2001. Today it belongs to the Federal Regional Court of the 2nd Region.


At the entrance is one of the highlights of the building: a staircase in iron structure, typical of the early twentieth century, and the stained glass lit by a skylight, with an allegory of Justice, that opens to the staircase.


Noteworthy is also the library, completed only in 1933 and with iron-casted shelves imported from the United States, and the ceiling of the plenary room, richly decorated in painted stucco.


Adolfo Morales de los Rios

Project Birth Year/Construction Year

1905 / 1909


Avenida Rio Branco nº24, Centro

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(21) 3261-2550
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Visiting: Thursday to Sunday 12:00h-19:00h

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Cultural Center of the Federal Justice | CCJF
Adolfo Morales de los Rios
Centro 1905

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