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Located in Rio’s Corredor Cultural (Cultural Corridor), the former headquarters of the Electoral Court has one of the finest and best preserved eclectic style facades in the city. It was erected to house the headquarters of Banco do Brasil (Bank of Brazil), and was occupied until 1909 by the Supreme Court. It was closed from 1996 to 2008, when it reopened as a cultural center.


The building combines neoclassical and baroque elements, with some features of art nouveau and occupies two corners, the main one on Primeiro de Março Street. On the ground floor one sees the entrance gate, built in bronze and imported from Portugal; on the upper floor, a circular veranda with columns; and on the roof, a vault holding up a clock.


The facade coatings are in Carrara marble, in harmonious combination with other stones on the upper floor. In the lobby at the ground floor, a rectangular skylight brightens up the room, which also showcases a spiral staircase.


Luiz Schreiner

Project Birth Year/Construction Year

1892 / 1892-1896


Rua Primeiro de Março nº42, Centro

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(21) 2253-7566
Visiting: Wednesdat to Sunday 12:00h-19:00h

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Cultural Center of the Electoral Justice | CCJE
Luiz Schreiner
Centro 1892

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