Santana's Field | Republic Square

This is the most important project of Auguste Glaziou, the French landscape designer that lived in Brazil between 1858 and 1897, and also responsible for the reform of the Passeio Público and for the design of a part of the gardens at Quinta da Boa Vista. In 1869 he was appointed by Dom Pedro II head of the Directorate of Parks and Gardens of the Imperial House.

Of organic, sinuous and asymmetric traces, the project adopts the principles of English landscaping, in opposition to the strict geometric layout of French-inspired designs such as the example of Paris Square (Praça Paris). Artifices such as caves, bridges and artificial lakes seek to simulate natural elements, providing the park a romantic character.

Since 1909 the park is home to the headquarters of the municipal Parks and Gardens Foundation, whose building was designed by French architect Leon Gaubert in eclectic style.

Opened in 1880, the Santana Garden (Campo de Santana) is prior to the opening of the Avenida Presidente Vargas in 1944, having lost part of its area for the implementation of the road.


Auguste Glaziou

Project Birth Year/Construction Year

1873 / 1873-1880


Praça da República – Centro

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Santana's Field | Republic Square
Auguste Glaziou
Centro 1873

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