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This big box standing on pilotis was one of the pioneer buildings in Rio which adopted the principles of modern architecture and was a contemporary of Capanema Palace (MEC), just one block away. With less freedom than its pair, as a result of the limitations imposed by the corner plot and the two side neighbours, and even after almost 80 years, it is still possible to recognize on the project an innovative and present-day character. The modernity of the building is especially remarkable when compared to the nearby National Library, built just 30 years ago.


The concrete brise soleil on the facade stands out and does not only perform a shading and internal thermal equilibrium function, but also contributes to the deconstruction of the massive volume, providing lightness to the body of the building. The concrete vertical planes under the sunlight create a dynamic play of light and shadow, with diverse results throughout the day and the seasons.


The internal division of the rooms does not follow the module adopted by the structure which, in order to reassure its independence, takes the form of cylindrical columns. On the ground floor, one has access to the lifts directly from the street, an adaptation created by the architects of the modern principle of pilotis, continuous public space and free circulation.


Marcelo e Milton Roberto (MM Roberto)

Project Birth Year/Construction Year

1936 / 1936-1938


Rua Araújo Porto Alegre 71 Centro

Info & Details


Roberto Burle Marx (Paisagismo)






+55 21 2282-1292
Open Monday through Friday 7-19hs (building operation)

What you cannot miss

Facade louvers, access pillars

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Brazilian Press Association
Marcelo e Milton Roberto (MM Roberto)
Centro 1936

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