In the year that Rio de Janeiro celebrates its 450 years, the website ArqGuia Rio is a gift to the 'marvelous city'.


Conceived as a creative digital platform for the promotion of Rio de Janeiro's architectural, urban and landscape heritage, the project ArqGuia Rio aims on stimulating culture and people's interest in these fields of knowledge as well as strengthening the relationship between the city's inhabitants and their surrounding built environment.

Idealized by three architect-urbanists passionate about Rio, this initiative is aligned with a singular historical moment in which both the city's government and population express a growing interest in the local material and immaterial heritages.

With a playful and easy-to-navigate interface, the website ArqGuia Rio is structured through a system of filters with specific topics and an interactive geo-referenced map that positions the user in real time in relation the projects selected. Besides providing general information of each project, the website has also a rich collection of images which are intended to extract the essence of these works and to attract the attention of a broad audience.

ArqGuia Team

Isabela Ledo

Carioca from Tijuca, Isabela graduated in Architecture and Urbanism (FAU-UFRJ) and took her master's degree in Urban Planning in the Netherlands (TU Delft), where she worked in the same area. From The Netherlands she brought the passion for bikes and now she spends part of her days riding between Rio and Niteroi, where she is the coordinator of the program Niterói by Bike.

Maria Fernanda Duarte

Born and raised in Humaita, Maria used to spend her holidays in Ramos and her weekends in Maricá. She studied Architecture and Urbanism in Rio (FAU-UFRJ) and in Berlin (TFH), and she believes that a little bit of Germany would do good to Rio. After 30 years sharing from the pain and delight of living in Rio, she left for a sabbatical period, with the excuse of taking a master's degree in Interior Architecture in Rotterdam (Piet Zwart Institute).

Lucas Franco

Bento’s father is a carioca, born and raised in AP-2, that means around the neighborhoods of Laranjeiras, Flamengo and Botafogo. Graduated from FAU-UFRJ with a short stop in Italy (FAAR-UNIBO), currently he shares his time between the office, M & T-Architecture, and the councils from the local Architect's Institute (IAB-RJ) and Architecture Council (CAU-RJ).

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The ArqGuia Rio website is a dynamic project in constant evolution. Soon, its platform will be open for visitor's collaboration. Subscribe here for further future information.

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